Friday, September 10, 2010


Banksters and Gumbas
From Robert Gover, USA,
Many Americans are wondering why it is that the US Government has unlimited amounts of money to spend on wars but little or no money to spend on its own needy citizens.  Instead of helping needy citizens, our government rewards the guys who caused the neediness—the Wall Streeters who created the casino that made the marketing of doomed mortgages such a gold mine.      
Now when Joe Sixpack seeks a mortgage or small business loan from a banker, he's told, "You don't qualify." And Mr. Banker has a long list of "requirements" that "prove" Mr. Sixpack doesn't qualify.   
Yet Mr. Banker has no problem qualifying his "gumbas" (to use the Italian American slang term) for investments to "aid the war effort" by siphoning off taxpayer dollars for any number of whacko enterprises such as selling lipstick in Afghanistan. 
Mr. Bankster knows his gumbas will be repaid with taxpayer dollars provided by a bribed Congress.  Thus enriched, this gang is inspired to beat their chests, wave the flag, praise free enterprise and tell Joe Sixpack to get lost. 
Another prevalent question: Why does our government give fistfuls of dollars to "tribal leaders" halfway around the world while telling our own needy people to "get a job at McDonalds"?    
Such questions are spreading throughout the population as the Cardinal T Square tightens its orb.  This exceedingly rare T square is formed, at present, by Saturn conjunct Mars and Venus in early Libra, opposite Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in early Aries, with all five of those planets square Pluto and the Moon's Nodes, the North Node in Capricorn, the South Node in Cancer. 
This transiting T square has the US Federal Reserve's Sun-Pluto opposition in a grand cross pattern. The Fed, original source of all our credit and cash, is now in a period from which it will emerge radically changed. 
Ellen Brown, author of "Web of Debt" defines what needs to be changed this way: 
"We no longer have a government 'of the people, by the people, for the people.' We have a government run by and for Big Business, and Big Business has gotten control because its affiliated banks have monopolized the business of issuing the national money supply…What hides behind the banner of 'free enterprise' today is a system in which giant corporate monopolies have used their affiliated banking trusts to generate unlimited funds to buy up competitors, the media, and the government itself, forcing truly independent private enterprise out…"
The solution to this massive fraud: 
"These giant cartels can be brought to heel only by cutting off their source of power—the power to create money—and returning (this power) to its rightful sovereign owners, the people themselves."     
The heart of the problem is how our money is created and distributed by a private company of bankers with the misleading name of "Federal" Reserve.  To learn the history of the Fed, check out a 10-minute video found at:                               
If we transform the Fed from banksters and their gumbas into a public institution responsible to the whole society, we will succeed the way the Tea Partiers of 1763 succeeded—by breaking free from an abusive central bank.  See 
Legislation to change the Fed has been written and is being circulated in Congress now.  You can access information about it by googling "American monetary institute." 
One thing is certain—we have maxed out our indebtedness and must now either suffer "austerity" (drastically reducing our standard of living) or change the way we create and distribute money, which means change the Fed.