Thursday, November 11, 2010

Python and Pig

The Pig Through the Python
Robert Gover, USA,
"Get this pig through the python" is a metaphor that is catching on among big bankers and financiers who are losing money because of the present foreclosure crisis.
The 18.6 year cycle of the Moon's North Node has correlated with the real estate cycle when charted over centuries.  During the 20th Century this correlation was distorted by the Fed's ability to impose interest rates rather than allowing the "free market" to do so.
On November 27 this year, at 8:59 AM, the North Node will precisely conjoin Pluto at 4 Capricorn 07.  With the North Node's role in real estate prices and Pluto's role in major transformations, the current foreclosure crisis appears to be headed for some kind of resolution.  It may not happen on November 27, though, for Pluto's effects are notorious for manifesting like births months after conceptions. But this coincidence tempts me to suggest Pluto is the python and the North Node is the pig.  
The cause of the foreclosure crisis is that the financial sector python swallowed a pig that was way too big.  The pig grew too big when mortgages were sliced and diced into securities and sold all over the world—without due diligence to the deeds to each property thus sold.  In other words, in Wall Street's enthusiasm to reap big profits from this python, the pig got stuck in the python's throat. 
Millions of foreclosures across the country are stalled as the Wall Street python appeals to government to help it digest this pig. Caught between the devil (big campaign contributors) and the deep blue sea (voter reaction) politicians are stumped. Temporarily, at least.  Legal precedent going back to the invention of the printing press calls for written deeds to prove ownership of properties.  Without a deed, a bank cannot foreclose on a property—you cannot take back something you cannot prove you own. 
Another interesting astrological fact is that, as the North Node and Pluto make their exact conjunction, Saturn will be conjunct within 1 degree of the USA's natal Saturn at 14 Libra, square the USA's Sun.  The Pluto-Node conjunction will be opposite the USA's money planets Venus and Jupiter in Cancer, and applying to an opposition to the USA's Sun.    
What we may be moving into is a change in the present makeup of our government, from "of, by and for big banks and corporations" to of, by and for the voters—a return of the democracy we like to believe we have.  I'm not suggesting we hold our breaths till this change manifests in our daily lives, though, for where billions of profits are concerned, wealthy campaign contributors and their political beneficiaries get panicky.   
Judges across the land who are involved in foreclosure cases have tended to side with the foreclosure industry. If a distressed homeowner was legally savvy enough, he or she could throw sand in the foreclosure machinery by hiring a lawyer to demand the bank involved show title to the property. Since so many titles have been put into the mortgage backed securities blender, there is no longer any way to un-blend and retrieve them.  That Humpty Dumpy had a great fall. 
What's to be done? 
A Legal Aid attorney in Jacksonville, Florida, April Chamey, pioneered saving homeowners from foreclosure back in 2004 by demanding banks prove ownership by producing titles.  She then filed "quiet title" actions on behalf of her homeowner clients.  A quiet title action quiets all other claims, giving homeowners a fresh new title to their properties.
Thus may the python of justice digest both the Wall Street python and its pig.

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